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What's this? A technical translator with an interest in music?

Not as odd as it might seem, because singing has a lot to do with language, music is audible mathematics and physics, and musical instruments are highly technical things.

However, I do write when I'm not translating somebody else's texts. If you are not ready for musical topics yet, or would like to see how and what I write when I'm left to my own devices, try "The Literary Page". There you will always find a short story, or an essay, or a poem or song lyric or two. Some in English, some in German. For some reason, I never translate my own writing. I suppose it is because the stimulus for the writing comes to me in one language or the other, and is best expressed in that language.

But to return to music:

The mother who taught me to talk taught me to sing, and the father who taught me to hammer nails and drive screws taught me to play.  They did all this in the best possible way - by example, and by creating opportunity.

Music has always meant a lot to me, and given me a lot of pleasure and good times with fellow musicians. I listen to all kinds of music, and I have been active in both classical and traditional vocal music. On the folk side, I have learned to play a few instruments, too.  Being a singer, I am not compelled to play any of them really well! ;-)  

My main musical activity is with the group that I founded back in 1991: interFolk. Take a look at the interFolk homepage, if you like. It's in German for the benefit of our audiences in the area south of Stuttgart, where we live and work and have our being.

Another field of musical activity - and a chance for me to hear a wide variety of good, acoustic music - is the Music Session im Alten Amtsgericht (former Magistrate's Court) in Böblingen. This site is also in German.

This online "Music Room" is not quite finished yet - work on the "Office" next door took precedence - but please feel free to wander round the different corners in different states of completion. When you have finished your tour, you will hopefully have gleaned some information about music and organology (the study of musical instruments).

At any rate, you will know more about me, and about what I am besides being a translator.

So be my guest!

A propos Übersetzer: Das Musikzimmer wird selbstverständlich auch demnächst ins Deutsche übersetzt!