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Song is about words and music. Sometimes I make music without words, and sometimes I write words without music.

This website is not intended as a publishing house for my entire oeuvre, don't worry! Like the MP3 Playlist, this page gives you access to just a few of my efforts, which may be replaced by a few others at a later date, as the whim takes me.

Click on the highlighted titles in the table to access the texts, which you may, of course, print out and read at your leisure. If you pass them on to others, just be sure to name the source!

The Artist A short story about youth hostelling and maturity. Written around 1969, it is based on experiences of cycling tours that I undertook with two school chums in my native Ireland in the mid-'60s. And no, the three boys in the story are not me and my two chums, though the hostel actually did exist!
Erster Schnee A poem in German, inspired by the winter view from my office window. No names, no pack drill...
The Man on the Road This is a song lyric that came to me after I had composed a tune on the basis of a new guitar technique. The guitar is mentioned in the text, but when I'm singing the song to a different instrument, I replace the word "guitar" with "banjo" or "autoharp", rephrasing the affected lines  accordingly. For a recording of the autoharp version, see the "MP3 Playlist"